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XMLLoader not Loading nodes when in LoaderMax

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Here we go:


I have an XML that has a bunch of loader nodes:


 <MP3Loader autoPlay="false" load="true" id="bigWin"   url="assets/sounds/Big WIn.mp3" />
 <MP3Loader autoPlay="false" load="true" id="letterNoMatch"  url="assets/sounds/Letter No Match.mp3" />
 <MP3Loader autoPlay="false" load="true" id="letterPickUp"  url="assets/sounds/Letter Pickup.mp3" />
 <MP3Loader autoPlay="false" load="true" id="letterPlace"  url="assets/sounds/Letter Place.mp3" />
 <MP3Loader autoPlay="false" load="true" id="matchWord"   url="assets/sounds/Match Word.mp3" />
 <MP3Loader autoPlay="false" load="true" id="background"  url="assets/sounds/Quantum_Jazz_-_03_-_Jingle_Jazz.mp3" />


That xml is being loaded within a LoaderMax instance along side other elements:


var gameXmlLoader:XMLLoader = new XMLLoader(gameXmlPath, {name:"gameXml"});
  _assetLoader.append( gameXmlLoader );
  gameXmlLoader = null;



My problem is that the assets in teh xml are not being loaded along with the xml itself... Is that how its supposed to work?

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Did you activate the MP3Loader first so that XMLLoader could recognize those?



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YOU ROCK!!!! That was the problem :)

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