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Switching videos

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I'm finding it difficult to switch switch a VideoLoader to a different Video


Aside from adding the VideoLoader inside an MC and then removing it that way, but I'd prefer a cleaner approach:


var myNum = 0;
video.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_COMPLETE, loadNewVid);
private function loadNewVid(event:Event)
  myNum ++;

  video = LoaderMax.getLoader(Main.myXML.cars.car[myNum].VideoLoader.@url);
  video.content.height = Main.vidHeight;
  origScale = video.content.scaleY;
  video.content.scaleX = origScale;
  video.content.centerRegistration = true;
  video.bufferMode = true;

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you could re-use the same VideoLoader and just change its url property and reload it.


myVideoLoader.url = Main.myXML.cars.car[myNum].VideoLoader.@url
myVideoLoader.load(true);//load new video and flush existing content


A benefit here is that you don't have to re-define callbacks or other settings each time AND the previously watched video always gets flushed.


there are at least 3 ways of handling a mult-video setup


1)load all the videos at once (which i think is what you are doing from your last post). The downside here is that you can use up a lot of available memory


2)create a new VideoLoader each time a new video is created (on demand).


3)re-use the same VideoLoader over and over and change the url as shown above.


Each way has its pro's and cons. If you are going to use multiple VideoLoaders (1 for each video) yes, you will have to devise a plan to swap the content of those videos in and out of the display and also make sure your controls (if you have them), play, pause, and volume know which video to control.

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