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how to create a 'fly-in...slow....fly-out' tweening animation ??

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Hey guys...


This is my first post to this forum... smile.gif


I am working on a project and i want to have a tweening effect similar to the 'Custom Presets : fly-in pause fly-out' option in Flash IDE. Its just that i want to create it with action script and want to control it properly through code.


For the rest of the tweening in my project i am using 'Greensock's TweenMax'. So if someone can help me creating the same effect in this engine it would be helpful. smile.gif



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Hi and Welcome to the GreenSock forums.


It sounds like you need to use our SlowMoEase.


Please view the SlowMoEase Visualizer here:



Learn some more here:



yoyoMode explained:



Be sure you have the v12 GreenSock library files available on first link above.





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Hello Sir,


First of all thanks to you for replying so quickly. In fact i am kind of excited to hear from you. I have always been a follower of snorkl.tv. And i have learned this engine from your tutorials at snorkl and tutsplus only (actually i was hoping one day u'll write a mini book on greensock platform...i'll be the first one to buy it... :P ) So its feeling good to interact with you.


And rest about the question that i asked... yup this is exactly what i was looking for.


Now i have one more doubt... Currently i am using an older version of TimelineMax and TweenMax in my project... so will it cause some problems if i replace it to version 12 ??

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Hi Aditya,


Thanks so much for the kind words.

You're request about the mini-book is duly noted. One of my top priorities here is creating lots of material that will make the GreenSock API easier to understand. Keep your eyes open, things are on the way.


And yes, your doubt is well-placed but upgrading an existing project to v12 shouldn't be too bad.

On the v12 page we have listed the areas that are going to cause trouble.


Visit: http://www.greensock.com/v12/

Under the 10th improvement click the "but wait there's more" button.


You will see little warning icons that show which new features are going to cause problems when updating.


The most common problem is going to be the properties that are now methods like:


timeline.progress = 1;
timeline.timeScale = .5;


Depending on the size and complexity of your project it could be a bit of a hassle. The good thing is Flash will report where the errors are and you can most likely knock'em all out fairly quickly.


If you have any particular problems let me know and I'll do my best to advise you.


If you have to stick to v11 the best I can offer is a timeline with 3 tweens sequenced back-to-back but it doesn't look nearly as good as SlowMoEase :(



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Actually its working fine.... the project is not that complex.... in fact now that i know about this cool new effect... i am going to change some of my existing tweens to SlowMoEase....


Thanks a lot.... :)

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