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TweenMax doesn't work when using php include

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Hello everybody,


I've found a bug i think.

I was trying to do simple tweening using TweenMax Js, following simple tutorial on greensock and other site... impossible to make it work!!!

I tryed many thing, put the js in the head, then at the end off the page, using different version of Jquery and also pure js... it never work.


In my page i have simple

<?php require 'mylogo.php'; ?>

<?php require 'my menu.php'; ?>


when i delete those 2 lines, it WORKS!!!


Does anybody has experienced such a problem??

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Hmmm, sorry about that, after more investigation, it seems base64 encoded images make the bug.

Any solution?

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Hi Moolood,


Sorry, i thought i knew what your problem is because i once ran into some trouble with som jquery ajax calls, php and images, in which i kept loading the image data instead of the image, which got resolved using the data uri scheme, but i'm not sure if is the same problem.


Maybe this can help a little:






Hope i can help,



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