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Overwrite Manager of js version

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Experimenting with js version. I wonder if there is a js version of overwrite manager? I am having weird behavior sometimes.


And right now i guess we should not use tweenlite/max for production. ?

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Sure, OverwriteManager is baked into TweenLite:



GSAP JS is still in beta, so there are moderate risks to be aware of, but sites are already implementing it in production. http://www.mountaindew.com and http://www.thedarkknightrises.com come to mind.


Also, due to the ridiculously diverse way in which browsers implement css there tend to be a few edge-case issues that pop up occasionally. You will see that even the most bizarre oddities that effect the CSSPlugin are addressed and fixed EXTREMELY fast; usually within 48 hours.


Here are just 2 examples






Don't get me wrong, I can understand your caution about using something that is in beta, but understand that the core API is extremely solid. The issues that tend to arise are usually due to some oddball css rendering behavior in a particular browser. I would firmly assert that at this point CSSPlugin does more to handle these problems for you than any other system.


Regardless of whether or not you chose to use GSAP JS in production right now, I encourage you to experiment with it and see for yourself how it stacks up against the alternatives. Furthermore, please let us know if you come across any problems and we will see to them speedily.


I see you mentioned a Chrome issue here and also on a thread relating to Firefox and backgroundSize. It would really help if you could post a simple example that we can test. Thanks



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