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Load Img Based From Current Video Frame

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Hi again!


Tonight's challenge - Let's say I have VideoLoader playing along and I also have an asset folder with a still frame for each and every frame of said video. How would I go about setting up my code so that when the video is paused, the current frame is read and the matching still frame is loaded?


The only methods I can think of involve embedding the video in the SWF, which would be too large. I'm hoping there is a way to leverage VideoLoader to do this. Also, there could potentially be 6000 jpg stills, I'd need a way to short-hand the code.


Any ideas or suggestions on something like this? Thanks!!!

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Can you elaborate on why you need to do this? It will help us tailor a solution. Do you have higher resolution stills you want to load?


I think even if what you wanted to do were possible, the implementation would be highly impractical and require a massive video as you would have to encode keyframes for every frame thus having a massively large video.


check out the 'keyframes' section here:



By having keyframes for each frame, you are basically back at square 1 of having 6000 individual images (as embedding the video in a swf/movieclip would create) and you would have none of the advantages of video compression :(


good conversation of people discussing how you can only seek to a keyframe:



Hopefully the links above shed more light on the subject. I'm really not an expert on Flash video.

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Hi Carl,


Yes, that is exactly why. I'd like to be able to load a hi-res jpg dynamically of the currently paused VideoLoader frame. Does VideoLoader have any feature to track frame count/current frame? Maybe it's something that could be done by time? That would be 24-30 frames in each second though...


I'm only intermediate with AS3 and newer to Greensock, but I'd assume we would code something like:


function onPause(e:LoaderEvent):void
  if (currentFrame=="_____")
	  currentImage = new ImageLoader("_____", {...});
	  setChildIndex(currentImage.content, 1);
function onResume():void
  TweenLite.to(currentImage.content), 1, {autoAlpha:0, onComplete:onPlay});
function onPlay():void


Just as a basic idea. I clearly don't quite grasp the logic yet. How do we match up the "_____" in my example? Maybe set up some kind of array and reference an XML file?


As a specific example, I'd like to achieve something similar to:


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the videoLoader has a videoTime property which will tell you the position of the video's playhead in seconds. You could convert that time to the most recent whole second by converting to uint:




var imageNum = uint(myVideoLoader.videoTime); 10.2345 will be 10

var frameImage:ImageLoader = new ImageLoader("frame" + imageNum + ".jpg", {});


note that assumes you have a jpg for every second of video not every frame of the the video (30 per second).

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