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Trouble with "screensaver"

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I am having trouble with a screensaver file that I am creating. The basic idea is that a f4v will be loaded in with videoLoader and then it will play seemless until a specified amount of time when the videos will be paused, and a swf will play over the top.


The first problem I am having is with the seemless aspect of the video. I have tried several options including setting repeat:-1, but as the file repeats, it pauses for half a second and you can see the background. To fix this I have two video loaders that listen for the end of one video, then switches to the other.


This works fine on its own, but when I try to add in the swf after so many rotations it breaks the system after about 30 minutes depending on the computer. Could it be a problem with how large the stage size is? The stage is 5464x768.

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It is also worth noting that I have looked for possible memory leaks. The memory seems to hold pretty steady never really increasing.

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Sorry to hear that you are having problems. It has come to our attention that recently some bugs have been introduced into Flash Player.






Also are you certain you are using the most recent version of LoaderMax/VideoLoader ( I would suggest downloading a fresh copy to make sure ).


Yes, having a video run at that size can certainly cause added stress to Flash content playback.


What version of Flash Player are you using? Have you tried smaller videos and a smaller stage?


Can you provide a very small set of sample files that can reproduce the issue? It will greatly help our chances of giving you a definitive response. Thanks!

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