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Rounding 'scale' property in JS version

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I know Firefox is notorious for having choppy playback. If I'm animating an image down the screen using the "top" property, using roundProps definitely helps make it less jerky. I think Firefox doesn't like things sitting on half-pixel values.


How do I accomplish the same thing using the "scale" property? When I try, I think the scale value is properly rounded, but I'm still getting choppy playback. I'm not sure what's going on under the hood, but it seems like even if the scale value is rounded, the item I'm scaling will potentially still have half-pixel values for its width/height/marginLeft/marginRight/top/left (or however it's technically rendered behind the scenes).


Anyone have any tips here? Thanks!

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Shoot, just realized I posted this under actionscript not javascript. Not sure how to move...

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