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Suddenly problems with looping video!

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I've made a microsite several months ago, that included the use of looping video with the repeat -1 method.


Everything worked great, but now several months later, I have to make a change to the FLA (just minor text changes though), I publish, and suddenly the video 'pauses' slightly before the actual looping continues :-S


I've tried everything, and played around with the autoplay parameter, delaying the callbacks and other far out stuff. I've now isolated the looping video feature in the attached zip file. Is it possible that something have changed in an update to the loadermax package?


The video itself is perfect. It's an FLV due to an alpha channel ;-)


Please help out and have a look at the enclosed zip file.


Many thanks in advance...


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A few questions:

  1. Do you have an old version that works as you hoped? Can you post it? It'd be great to be able to verify that the only difference is an updated VideoLoader. I know, for example, that Adobe introduced some bugs and/or really laggy behavior in version 11.3 of the Flash Player with NetStream which has nothing to do with VideoLoader.
  2. Do you see the [bad] behavior consistently across Flash Player versions and platforms? Does it happen in Flash Player 11.1 for example? 10.0?
  3. Did you re-encode the videos at all?
  4. Are you publishing with the same Flash install? Like did you previously compile with Flash CS 5 but now you're compiling with CS 6?

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1: None of my old versions are working anymore...


2: I haven't been able to test in older players, but I've tested in Safari, Firefox and Chrome, all on mac, which sadly displays the same behaviour.


3: No re-encoding as I know the video to work from the 'old days' when everything was peachy :-P


4: I've compiled with both the original CS5 and the new CS6, with same results... although CS6 versions are slightly heavier, kb-wise... :-S


So if the problem is (another) bug in the flash player, does anyone have a fix for that?


Thanks for replying so fast!

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It is indeed sounding more like a Flash Player issue...

So if the problem is (another) bug in the flash player, does anyone have a fix for that?

Unfortunately, I don't. If anyone else does, please chime in here.

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Dammit... I was afraid of that!


Sometimes I wonder why I love flash so much :-S


If anyone know of a fix or workaround to this problem, please point me in the right direction ;-)


Thanks for your help so far...

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