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Controlling play/pause of swf movie using html page buttons

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Warm greetings!

  1. I've an swf movie embedded in an html page.
  2. The page has a button which when clicked, opens a modal window.
  3. I wanted to know, whether it's possible to pause the swf movie which is being played in the background, when this html button is clicked and resume play when the modal window is closed.

Eagerly awaiting comments,


Thanks in advance and best regards,


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This forum is intended to be used for questions directly related to GreenSock tools rather than general ActionScript questions, but it sounds like what you're describing would be served by ExternalInterface: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/FlashPlatform/reference/actionscript/3/flash/external/ExternalInterface.html


If you have other general ActionScript questions, I'd recommend the forums at actionscript.org or kirupa.com. Don't hesitate to ask any GreenSock-related questions here, though. We'd love to help.

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Thank you so much for such a quick reply! I asked this question here as I had created the swf movie using tweenlite and timelinelite, and hoped your awesome platform may have a solution for such a requirement! 8-)


Thanks also for redirecting me to a possible solution. I'll check that out.


Best regards,


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