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scale in ie7 & ie8

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Hi, I am really enjoying using this library and am fairly new to using the javascript version. I am having some problems with the css scale. I am trying to scale a div with a background image. They syntax I am using is TweenMax.to( $('.hero'), 1, {css:{scaleX:1.5,scaleY:1.5}, ease:Quad.easeInOut}) when the animation happens the div just disappears but only in IE7 and IE8, works perfect in everything else. Is my syntax incorrect?


Thanks for any help anyone can offer,


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Could you post an example HTML/JS/CSS file? I can't seem to reproduce this problem. I just copied/pasted your exact code into a sample page of mine and it appeared to work perfectly in IE7 and IE8. Once I can see a simple example from you, I'm sure I'll be able to diagnose what's going on.

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Hmm...I couldn't see that same result, but I did notice that you have invalid HTML. You didn't close your <div> tag. You only have <div class="hero" id="hero_image"> but no </div>. You also didn't have any doc type declared or <html> or <head> or <body> tags.


Either way, though, the square didn't disappear in IE8 or IE7 for me. It still animated fine. I'm really curious to figure out how to reproduce the issue.


When you fix your HTML, does it resolve things for you?

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heh, that was silly on my part. I put in all the missing pieces and it still disappears. Though it does seem to just be my laptop, I checked it out on a friends computer with ie7 and 8 and it animated just fine like you were saying. Very strange.

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