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Keep getting error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_time' of null"

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I'm creating a project that uses TweenLite to tween easel properties. Everything goes right all the time, except for when I try to user TimelineMax.insert() to insert a tween (that doesn't tween any properties, but that I add to keep a reference to the object and to add the onUpdate-events the whole time the object should be on the easel Stage) at a certain point in my code.


At all the other points in my code where I use insert() to insert a tween at a certain position, everything goes right, but not at one point. I keep getting the error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_time' of null

at line 564 of TimelineMax.js.. At this line this.timeline == null.


I've logged the other times I use insert() and this.timeline is never null. Also, I logged the object and it's properties, and they are also all not null or undefined.


I'm pretty stuck, do you have any idea?




(For reference, the insert code i use:)


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Oh, sorry, I was planning on downloading the whole Greensock JavaScript Library again to check if the code at that point was maybe changed since I last updated the library, to check if it was maybe a bug that was already fixed, but I totally forgot!


Now I have, and I see, at line 564 of TweenMax.js, the code has changed: there is no longer a reference to this.timeline. I suspect that will solve all my problems.


Sorry for the unnecessary post and a big thanks for creating the whole library, you've really, really helped me out with my graduation project. :)

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Glad you thought to download a more recent version - good instincts :)


Happy to help. Good luck on your project.

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