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playing .mp4

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I'm using the VideoLoader class to play .mp4 file. It works great locally, both from flash and from local browser... .. but when i publish to server, it throws an error. It says that it cannot find the file. I know that it's there.




Do I need to set permissions for the server to allow this file type? The .flv version works fine.



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My guess is that you forgot to upload the .mp4 to the correct directory or something like that.

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The video is in place, for sure. It's even pulling the time/length of the video.


I don't believe it's a GreenSock issue.. I REALLY think it's some server filetype permission settings. I've run into this sort of thing in the past, but it's been a long time.


I do not have access to server settings.


All I'm looking for here, is for someone to say.. .. "Yep, that would do it... it's the nature of the .mp4 bla bla bla secure server bla bla bla" before i send it to the back-end guys. (which i've already done, anyway.)


I don't know who else to ask.



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Hmm...nothing obvious is coming to mind, no. Sorry. I suppose maybe the MIME type on your server for .mp4 files is messed up. Wish I had a better suggestion/diagnosis.

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