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"Invalid Argument" Error in IE8 with CSSPlugin.min.js - Line 14, Character 10552

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I'm getting the "Invalid Argument, Line 14, Character 10552" error from CSSPlugin.min.js on IE8 (Standards mode).


Here's the bare essentials of the code that makes the TweenLite / CSSPlugin call to animate the "top" property:


var sl = document.getElementById('theSlidesContnr');
var ypos = [];
var slideHeight = $('.slide:first').outerHeight();
var totalSlides = $('#theSlidesContnr div.slide').length;
var automove = true;
var snum;
var run;
var speed = 3000;

function moveSlide()
  var d;
   if(snum === undefined) snum = 1;

d = snum;
	  if( snum < totalSlides ) {
   } else if( snum >= totalSlides ) {
	snum = 1;		
 TweenLite.to(sl, 1, { css:{ top:ypos[d] }, ease:Power4.easeOut });
 //TweenLite.to(sl, 1, { css:{ top:parseInt(ypos[d]) }, ease:Power4.easeOut });

function autoRotate()
 run = window.setInterval( moveSlide, speed);  

function init()

 for( var i=0; i < totalSlides; i++)
	  ypos[i] = -(slideHeight * i);





Tried both "//{ css:{ top:ypos[d] }" and "{ css:{ top:parseInt(ypos[d]) }" but got the same error. The same code works fine in the standards browsers & IE7.


I made sure to grab the latest greensock JS download. This is similar to another CSSPlugin error in IE8 but for a different line/character location in the code.

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Have you tried doing console.log(ypos[d]) right before the tween to see what you're feeding it? It sounds like maybe ypos[d] is sometimes evaluating as undefined or something. If you're still having trouble, would you please post a simple HTML page with only the essential code to reproduce the error so that we can test it in context?

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Yep, that was exactly the problem - ypos[d] evaluated to undefined at the end before restarting the whole cycle. Thanks for the quick response & keep up the great work!

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