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remove TweenMax(); instance

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Hi folks!


I am searching for the easiest way to remove a new TweenMax instance.

For example if i make a new tween like:


var sampleTween:TweenMax;
sampleTween = new TweenMax(my_mc, 1, { x:20, ease:Linear.easeNone } );


How can i remove sampleTween?

sampleTween = null?


Thanks in advance!


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If by removing a tween, you mean isntantly stop it from doing whatever it was doing, i suggest you try the kill method:




Will stop the tweening animation.

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I 'd like to remove it, and make a new one with the same name!


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Héctor was correct - simply call kill() on the old one to kill it (and stop it from doing anything else) and then you can reassign a new tween instance to that variable.

sampleTween = new TweenMax(...);

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