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Branch after x of y loaders (SWFLoaders) have completed?

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Hi all,


I'm sorry to clog up the forums with something I'm sure I should be able to figure out, but I'm stuck.


I have an arbitrary number of SWFs all loaded into a "shell" swf via LoaderMax. These swfs are pulled from references in an XML file (though that shouldn't matter). I have a "loading" progress bar that currently waits until everything (SelfLoader, XMLLoader, and all the SWFLoaders) is finished before displaying the first loaded SWF.


Let's say there are 7 SWFs. After the second is fully loaded -- and these have been prioritized, so hopefully that will help keep things in order -- I want to display the first loaded SWF while the remaining 5 load in the background.


I have my handlers set up so that I can detect when the desired number of SWFs have been loaded (2 is also arbitrary and user-definable), but after that, I'm not sure how to tell my "shell" to display the first loaded SWF.


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Thanks, Carl, but that's not quite what I meant.


I can load and display everything as necessary -- once all the SWFs have been loaded. What I need to do is find some way to trigger the "onComplete" handler prematurely while still loading the remaining SWFs...

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To tell the the second SWFLoader to use the same completeHandler function as your LoaderMax:


secondSWFLoader.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.COMPLETE, completeHandler)


if you are already detecting when the second swf is loaded you should be able to just call the completeHandler yourself. Just make sure that it doesn't need to accept a LoaderEvent.


function onComplete(e:LoaderEvent = null):void{
//do stuff


Not really getting why the LoaderMax would have an onComplete handler assigned that is supposed to run before all the assets are loaded but the above suggestions should work.

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Thanks again, Carl. Yeah, it's an odd thing, but it's building on older code that, once upon a time, did require everything to be loaded, hence the original onComplete for the entire LoaderMax instance versus its children.


That said, I've been poking around, and I think adding an onChildComplete listener to my primary LoaderMax instance ($loader, in this case) will help. It seems to be, but now I just need to make sure the other two loaders, SelfLoader and XMLLoader have finished and have been handled before prematurely calling my completeHandler.


It's a big steamy mess, but I think I'm on the way to getting it to behave properly! :)

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ah, yes, that type of project. I know what its like. glad you got a workable solution.





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