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Is there an easy way to convert classic tweens?

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Hey guys, I am wondering if there is an easy way to convert a 'classic tween' or 'motion tween' to use the new AS3 TweenLite? Maybe a script of some sort? I have a project that has lots of classic tweens spanned across the timeline. I was hoping for an addon to the right click menu in Flash CS6 like 'Convert classic tween to TweenLite' or something as easy. Forgive me if this has been answered already as I have searched the forums and came up empty.


Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, Leetness, but I'm not aware of a simple way to convert MovieClip IDE timeline animations directly into TweenLite code. I'm sure it's probably possible with enough effort and JSFL or something, but that's not something I have experience with.

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I appreciate your response, GreenSock. Hopefully more people have or will ponder this idea and maybe someone will come up with a way via Flash Plugin or something.

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