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Security Sandbox Violation #2048

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I'm developing a flash application that loads random images as thumbnails from a site. When you click these images, you get a big preview of them. I'm working with debug version 11.2 in Flash Builder, and everything works fine, even in the normal standalone player, but when a friend is trying to load the images with flash player 11.3 (standalone version), he gets a security error 2048. The strange thing is that he gets the issue when he tries to load the thumbnails, BUT he CAN load the preview image without this error.


Here's a piece of code:

Loading the preview:

private function loadPreview(id:String):void
  new ImageLoader("http://www.site.com/" + id, {name:id, onError:previewError, onProgress:previewProgress, onComplete:previewComplete}).load();

Loading the thumbs:

private var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({auditedSize:false});
private function loadSequence(total:int = 20):void
  for(var i:uint = 0; i < total; i++)


private function getThumb():ImageLoader
var id:String = getRandomID();
  if(queue.getLoader(id) || queue.getContent(id))
return getThumb();

  return new ImageLoader("http://www.site.com/" + id, {name:id, onError:function():void{getThumb().load()}, onComplete:thumbComplete});


Thanks in advance,



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Hmm, looks like Flash may be snubbing the LoaderMax audit.


you are using




it should be




that is the only discrepancy I can detect. strange that some load and not others.

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