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TweenMax fromTo with css properties

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Sorry this is probably a really newb question, but can somebody help with the correct syntax for tweening css properties using fromTo (or is this not possible)?


TweenMax.fromTo($(".obj"),1,{css:{left:50, top: 10}, css{left:0, top: 50}});


I've been messing around adding and deleting curly brackets for ages, but the console just throws an error every time and I can't seem to find anything in documentation to give me a better clue.


Thanks for any help in advance - GSAP really is an awesome work! :)

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Apologies, I cried for help too soon and found the answer. Seems it wasn't a curly bracket configuration issue, but the fact that I wasn't putting my values in quotes.


The correct way should have been:


TweenMax.fromTo($(".obj"), 1, {css: {left: "900", top: "300"}}, {css:{left:"0", top: "0"}});

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Actually, the problem was with your curly braces. It's fine if the values aren't in quotes (well, unless they're not numbers, like "rgb(10,200,51)" or "50%" or relative values like "+=50px", etc.). Glad you figured it out though. Happy tweening!

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