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How to avoid running scripts/access to main .swf from child

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HI everyone and Greensock,


I have a problem in my project that my application allows users can upload a .swf to use it as a avatar.

I use SWFLoader to add it into a container(MovieClip).

I want the external .swf cannot run scripts or access to the parent/main.swf.

How can I do this with SWFLoader? I have searched on Google for a long time but I haven't found a solution for this.


Hope to see your answer :) Thanks.

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Thanks carl schooff :).


My colleague has another solution is override the parent property so the child .swf cannot access the main .swf. Do you think it is ok?

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I'm not familiar with overriding the parent property or even making swfs bullet-proof security-wise. I would assume that using the built-in security mechanisms of the Player are a safer bet, but its worth exploring the options.

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