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First attempt of a game with TweenMax JS

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I completed a series of tests and examples and I created a very simple game that uses TweenMax as its animation core.


I believe some things should be more smooth (99% has something to do with my code).


Let me know what do you think. (Animation or coding wize).


feel free to use the code as you like.



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Thanks a ton for sharing that. It really shows that use can use just a few small tricks and combine them into a pretty cool game.


The only thing that I didn't like was that the collision detection between the bird and mines seemed a bit unforgiving. I often died when I don't think I should have. I imagine it is because of the dead pixels that surround bird animation gif. (which is a really nice gif btw).


I'm not familiar with jquery's collision stuff, but maybe you could place a smaller circle inside the bird and test for a collision between that and the mines. so only if the bird body touches a mine he dies.


That aside, I really enjoy seeing that GSAP12 being put to such nice use. Thanks again!



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Thanks for the support, I also think that the CD lib I used doesn't really do a good job or I should do what you propose.


The bird animation was made with fireworks from a sprite sheet (learned how to do that last week :) )


Ultimately I think its really easy to animate stuff now, and it gives us a much wanted "freedom".

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