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TweenMax colorMatrixFilter removing blendModes of children

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Hi folks, been having a rather perplexing problem while using the colorMatrixFilter property in TweenMax on an object. It seems to remove blendModes like BlendMode.ADD from any children or nested children in the display object. Thus any images with black backgrounds that were originally hidden by setting to ADD or SCREEN become visible during the tween.


As I understand it, colorMatrixFilter or most filters cache the object as a bitmap if I am not mistaken and this is a probable cause of this is happening.


Is there anyway to maintain blendmodes of children when applying this filter in a tween?



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Not that I know of, no. That's a limitation of Flash itself and isn't related to TweenMax specifically. I suppose you could do some fancy footwork with BitampData and capture the parent object as a BitmapData (with draw()) and then do your colorMatrixFilter on that but that isn't exactly easy. I wish I had a simple solution for you.

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No problem, I think I might have found a possible work-around with adding children after filter has been applied. I'll see what i can find out.

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