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progress of all loaders in mainQueue

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I would like to set up a preloader for the all the loaders from an xml file. i nested all the loaders in a mainQueue loaderMax but this didn't work. the progress jumps arround seemingly reporting the progress of each nested loader. how can i get the progress of all loaders?




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<LoaderMax name="mainQueue">  
   <LoaderMax name="queue_MissA" x="540"y="180" scale="1.5" >
	<LoaderMax name="actor1"prependURLs="Casting_MP3s/" load="true">
	<MP3Loader  url="JenTullock_MissA_06.mp3" name="JenTullock_MissA_06" actor="JenTullock"autoPlay="false"/>
   <MP3Loader  url="JenTullock_MissA_07.mp3" name="JenTullock_MissA_07" actor="JenTullock"autoPlay="false"/>
	 <LoaderMax name="actor2"prependURLs="Casting_MP3s/" load="true">
	 <MP3Loader  url="JenTullock_MissA_06copy.mp3" name="JenTullock_MissA_06copy"actor="JenTullock"autoPlay="false"/>




  loader = new XMLLoader("data.xml", {onComplete:completeHandler, onProgress:progressHandler, estimatedBytes:20365992});


function progressHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void {
  trace("progress: " + event.target.progress);
  var s:int = int(event.target.progress * 100);
  myProgressBar.progressText.text = "progress: " + s.toString() + "%";
  myProgressBar.bar.scaleX = event.target.progress;

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I have read them. when i use rawProgress i get an error:

Property rawProgress not found on com.greensock.loading.XMLLoader

my loaders are defined in the xml file but my progressHandler is reporting for the xml loader


loader = new XMLLoader("data.xml", {onComplete:completeHandler, onProgress:progressHandler});


i don't understand how to get the progress of loaderMax mainQueue. which would calculate all the loaders as on loader. I'm guessing this is obvious but i'm not seeing it.



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Right, the rawProgress is only for LoaderMax instances, but XMLLoader actually creates one internally which you can get by appending "_Queue" to the name of your XMLLoader and using LoaderMax.getLoader(), like:


var myLoader:XMLLoader = new XMLLoader("data.xml", {name:"data", onInit:initHandler});
var myQueue:LoaderMax; //we'll set this once the XMLLoader has initted (meaning it read the XML)
function initHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void {
   myQueue = LoaderMax.getLoader("data_Queue");
   myQueue.addEventListener(LoaderEvent.PROGRESS, progressHandler);
function progressHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void {
   trace("progress: " + myQueue.rawProgress);


Of course you can get around all this by defining an accurate estimatedBytes for all your loaders in the XML so that LoaderMax doesn't need to do any audits.

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