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CSS 3D transform workaround?

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Hi all,


I'm trying to create a vertical menu where each menu bar flips horizontally to reveal copy on the other side of it. At the moment, css3 3D transforms seem like the only option but support for that feature is very spotty (thank you IE!).


So, I'm hoping the new GSAP for javascript can help me achieve this. Has anyone tried this out or does anyone have any thoughts on how I might approach this?


Thanks for any insight/ideas!

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Currently there is nothing in GSAP that handles 3D object manipulation. I can only imagine that if that feature should surface it would tap into the CSS3 3D transforms in which case it won't be a silver bullet for IE. There's nothing that I know of in IE that will allow GSAP to control 3D DOM element manipulation. I'm thinking 3D in IE isn't going to be viable with or without GSAP any time soon :(

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CSS 3D transforms are similar to ActionScript's 3D transforms introduced with Flash Player 10. Over 50% web users have a browser that currently supports them (and that number will of course increase). It would be a useful addition for GSAP to support them from the beginning.


@azukizero: It should be possible to help yourself by using the CSSRulePlugin, but I suppose there won't be automatic vendor-prefixing, so you have to tween all vendor-prefixed properties (and don't forget the unprefixed one for browsers still to come with full support) seperately.

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