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AE buttons

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This is a pretty cool example of how to combine AE to make buttons in flash



They used some other tweener then greensock, but the transition would be pretty easy to do in tweenlite/max.


The guy embeds the button into flash which is easy. But what if you had 5 buttons and suddenly your size is up to 3-5mb or so of the fla file. What is the best way to call these flv's without embeding them into the timeline ?


Via videoloader? I've seen the tutorial on nettuts but seems pretty complicated. Any examples on how do to this as simple as possible and keep the loading as fast as possible.

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Lee is using an embedded flv because it acts just like a movieclip which makes it easy for Tweener of TweenLite to tween through the frames both forward and in reverse. Playing a video backwards is not something that works well with externally loaded video.


To use an externally loaded video, I would of course recommend VideoLoader as the best option, but keep in mind that it won't play backwards smoothly.

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Thanks for replying, but still how do you solve the issue with the file being too big i tried making 5 buttons with tweenmax and it works. But the file i end up is quite large 3mb.


I do use a preloader but it takes quite a while to load, is there a way to split these files up and somehow load them, would it be a good idea to split the buttons in 5 swf's and use loadermax?


If so any guidance on how?

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Yes, splitting the files up into individual swfs could work to your advantage. Keep in mind, just because something is possible doesn't mean it is always a good idea. I would wager a guess that very few people are using video for their button animation due mostly to the exaggerated file size.


If you want to proceed with loading your buttons individually, I would definitely recommend using the LoaderMax/SWFLoader tools from GreenSock.


The documentation is stellar, but if you need a bit more hand-holding I would suggest that you watch my videos on using LoaderMax to load images. Many of the general concepts, methods, properties and events apply exactly the same way when loading swfs.



1: Overview - load single image



2: load multiple images




3: Use xml to store all the info of your external assets (advanced)



I regret that I don't have anything relating specifically to swfs, but the info covered above is really helpful when loading any type of asset (video, image, swf, mp3, etc).


If you have specific questions relating to the SWFLoader, don't hesitate to ask.



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