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Image Loader & Image Size

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I have a sprite which I'm loading an image into:


  imageBox.graphics.drawRect(0, 0, 100, 100);




var pageImageLoader:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainImageLoader"});
   pageImageLoader.append( new ImageLoader(pageImage, {name:"mainImage", container:imageBox, scaleMode:"proportionalInside"}) );


After I have completed the load I position and size the sprite:


imageBox.x = 710;
   imageBox.y = 30;
   imageBox.width = 465;
   imageBox.height = 665;


When the sprite is created initially it's width and height are set to 100. The result is the loaded image is scaled massively. If I set the sprites width and height to the same vales as I do later (465 665) the image displays correctly. My problem is that depending upon a conditional earlier on, the size of the final sprite can be any of 7 different widths and/or heights, and I need the image to display correctly.


I've tried loading the image last, setting the sprite to be 0,0 etc.


Any ideas? Thanks.

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It sounds like you're misunderstanding the sizing functionality that's built into the ImageLoader - it does NOT resize itself according to its container's size. It resizes according to the width/height you set on the ImageLoader itself.



//this defines a scaleMode but no width/height to scale within
new ImageLoader(pageImage, {name:"mainImage", container:imageBox, scaleMode:"proportionalInside"});



//this defines a scaleMode and a width/height to scale within
new ImageLoader(pageImage, {name:"mainImage", container:imageBox, scaleMode:"proportionalInside", width:100, height:100});


So you should be able to solve your problem by simply setting the appropriate width/height on your ImageLoader instance. If you need to control that size later, you can set the fitWidth and fitHeight properties of the ImageLoader's ContentDisplay object (myImageLoader.content.fitWidth = 100 for example)

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Ahh, ok, thanks, that makes sense. Thank you.

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