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MotionBlur v11 appearing before the animation begins

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Hi there,


Haven't been here in a while but am glad to see you updating awesome class to v12 with some more sweet features!


My question comes in regarding the motion blur effect that is being used in timelinelite. Whenever I append objects the blurred motion is showing in it's first frame freeze and then begins the motion once the animation begins for that object. How can I hide that blur until the animation begins?




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hmm...could you post some sort of very simple FLA that demonstrates the issue? I've never heard of that before and it'd really help to be able to see it and analyze your code and publish a file myself. No need to post your production file(s) - just a very basic separate FLA. Don't post the GreenSock classes either - just the FLA is fine. And zip it before posting.

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Thanks man! I simplified it but you can see the slight blur before it gets to the animation. Looks like my quota has been reached though for uploading files. :/

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I published your file and I couldn't see any blurring until the motion began - what do I need to do in order to see the issue?


What version of MotionBlurPlugin are you using? I'd make sure you're using the latest, just to be sure.

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Hmm...well that is odd. I attached a sample2 file so you can see the output that I'm seeing.




The version that I am using


* VERSION: 1.62

* DATE: 9/22/2009

* AS2


If that's not the latest how do I get the latest considering I'm not a member anymore :/


Let me know your thoughts.

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Yeah, we're up to version 2.05, updated 2011-09-21 :)


Of course I'd encourage you to renew your membership ;) but I went ahead and e-mailed you the latest MotionBlurPlugin. Please let me know if that resolves things for you. Seemed to resolve things for me.

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I love you. My work is including more and more flash work again so I'll more than likely be signing up soon. Especially with v12.


Keep on rockin' man!~

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