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Hi ppl,


first of all, great work greensock!


As soon as I've heard it about, I've switched my current project I am working on, from jquery animations to tweenlite. Of course, everything is working fine while testing in browsers, but when compiled in Eclipse and tested in emulator device things started to get weird.


I get sliding, alpha works, but not in all situations, and rotation doesn't work at all.


Is minified version supposed to work ok with PhoneGap and be ported to mobiles ?

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I wasn't aware of any such compatibility problem - any chance you could provide more details about exactly how I can reproduce these issues? Sample code and instructions on compiling would be great. Frankly I'm not familiar with PhoneGap yet.


The CSSPlugin uses pretty much a standards-compliant approach plus some sugar mixed in to ensure compatibility with certain older browsers like IE. And there are some workarounds for Safari and/or Opera bugs. I'd definitely like to ensure compatibility with PhoneGap, so any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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