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VideoLoader with StageVideo on iPad and the cancel() method

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Logging another oddity with the VideoLoader class when used to load StageVideo on the iPad. When calling cancel on Air for Desktop (and the normal Flash plugin) the loader stops it loading, but does nothing to the video stream it is loading.


Calling the same method when on iOS seems to remove the stream all together, effectively causing the video to disappear immediately.


Would love to get some feedback from others using this framework to load video into iPad via Air.

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Are you only experiencing these differences when using StageVideo? It sounds like Adobe's implementation of StageVideo may have some inconsistencies between the platforms but I don't think it's a VideoLoader/LoaderMax issue (although I'm totally open to looking at evidence to the contrary). I know there are quite a few developers using LoaderMax for iOS apps successfully (although I don't personally do iOS development).

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I can't get a normal video instance to work on iOS so StageVideo is all I'm able to test with.


I guess the idea of VideoLoader is to abstract away all of the inconsistencies that exist in the NetStream codebase, and it would appear that there's a bunch more introduced by StageVideo and Air for mobile development.


ImageLoader is working fine for me on iOS. Using Air 3.3Beta causes the video to not display at all. I'm still investigating things and will reports back if I have any breakthroughs.

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