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appendMultiple useing an array of x and y positions.

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how can i animate all the objects in stuffArray to different x and y positions stored in xArray and yArray?


this doesn't work:

			TweenMax.allTo(stuffArray, 2, {y:yArray, x:xArray },.2)


this doesn't work they all animate to the 0 index of xArray and yArray.


  for (var i = 0; i< stuff.length; i++){
			TweenMax.allTo(stuff, 10, {y:yArray[i], x:xArray[i], ease:Elastic.easeOut })


What is the solution i am missing?



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allTo() allows you to tween multiple objects to the same end values.


if each object in stuff needs to go to specific values in yArray and xArray try this:



for (var i = 0; i< stuff.length; i++){
 tl.insert( TweenMax.to(stuff[i], 10, {y:yArray[i], x:xArray[i], ease:Elastic.easeOut }), .2 );




that code will take each element in stuff and tween its x and y values to the values stored in xArray and yArray respectively with .2 second offset.

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thank you for your response.

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