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Cutting seamlessly between clips.

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Hi there,


I'm currently using the greensock videoloader for an interactive project that seamlessly plays one clip after another.


Currently i've assigned my 10 or so videos to a separate content display each, just to get something working. How do you set up just two content displays so that a video can be loaded in A while B is playing and then A plays while B is set up, Just like a pair of dj decks. Basically whats the simplest method for seamless playback between clips and how can you update a contentdisplay with a new video?


Thanks for reading!

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I can't think of any reason to limit yourself to 2 ContentDisplay objects, trying to shoe-horn each video into those alternating instances. Why not simply use the ContentDisplay instance that comes with each VideoLoader? Set their visible property to false when you don't need them and true when you want them to show. Of course you can fade them up/down too if you want, and place them wherever you want in the stacking order.


This tutorial might be helpful:


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Thanks, the tutorial you attached was very helpful.

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