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li zhiping

vars noCahe set invalid ? bugs?

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loaderMax class LoaderItem, column 114 and 155



_setRequestURL(request, _url, !_isLocal || _url.substr(0, 4) == "http") ? "gsCacheBusterID=" + (_cacheID++) + "&purpose=audit" : "");


there don't need to determine this.vars.noCache ? set to



_setRequestURL(request, _url, (this.vars.noCache && (!_isLocal || _url.substr(0, 4) == "http")) ? "gsCacheBusterID=" + (_cacheID++) + "&purpose=audit" : "");


sorry , poor english.

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No, it should NOT care about noCache because file size audits must ALWAYS apply cache busting. Otherwise, some browsers mistakenly use the partially downloaded (audit) file when you finally do the real load and you end up with a corrupt file. So this is definitely necessary.

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but , why i set SwfLoader vars noCache = false is invalid when i load swf file remote ?

i catch ie temporary files address:



every time are not all the same



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That URL is a file size audit load, NOT the official/final load of the file. Its sole purpose is to audit (discover/calculate) the file size so that it can accurately report loading progress. For example, when the loader is part of a LoaderMax, it must know the file sizes of all the loaders in the queue so that it can know what percentage has loaded overall.


It MUST do cache busting (noCache:true) just for the file size audits in order to avoid corruption that can happen in some browsers. Again, file size audits don't care if you set noCache:false. That is not a bug - it is a feature that is protecting you from problems.


You can avoid audits altogether if you want (at the risk of less accurate progress reporting). Please read #9 and #10 here:


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Thank you for your reply immediately, my problem has been solved.

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