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How to target embedded parameters in F4v video cue points?

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Hi all,


Currently I am able to trace the name of my F4V cue points, However I cannot access the parameters and their values. Can anyone help? The flash cue points come from After effects where multiple parameters are being embedded such as position, rotation and opacity.


Its been difficult to gain any insight from the documentation so if anyone can help I'd be grateful,




(p.s. AS3 beginner)


videoOne.addEventListener(VideoLoader.VIDEO_CUE_POINT, cuePointHandler);

function cuePointHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void {

  trace("FACE" + event.data.name); // works - this returns the time of the frame, great.

     trace("FACE" + event.data.info.parameters); // This and all my other attempts have failed miserably.

     // With normal flash MetaDataEvent this code would do the trick >> event.info.parameters; 
     // How can this info be targetted with the Greensock VideoLoader??


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Have you tried event.data.parameters?

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Thanks for the reply! Yes I have tried event.data.parameters and the trace is returning no text, completely blank. Is that definitely how the parameters should be targeted or is there anything else I should try?

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Yeah, you can look in VideoLoader's code and you'll see that all it does it take the "info" parameter you mentioned and dumps it into the LoaderEvent's "data" property. So the two are identical. It's a direct reference. So maybe there's a problem with your video's cue points (like in the encoding or something)? Just a guess.

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Many thanks for cleaning that up, all working great now.

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