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Has there ever been any feedback from the Greensock community or do you know which video format seems to perform best in the Flash Player with the VideoLoader? To be more specific, I have a video component that loads and controls the video stream (pause/play/seek/scrub bar etc). I want to make sure the scrub bar and fast forward controls react as smooth as possible.

I've gotten amazing results recently with MP4 at 30fps, StageVideo and NetStream on the iPad. The scrub bar is perfect and the seek is incredibly accurate.

Then I did a quick test on the desktop with an FLV and F4V files and the seek scrub bar performance was terrible.


I am now working on the desktop in this project and I have a bit more bandwidth to use. I'm hoping to get some feedback from any experienced video users out there.


Thanks everyone

- P





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Personally I've had the best luck overall with F4V files, but there isn't a clear winner. There are pros and cons of each format. The much older Sorenson Pro codec FLVs were easier on the processor but they didn't deliver the compression or quality that the newer codecs do. MP4 files are more universally playable (even outside Flash). I'm pretty confused by your claim that a setup that worked great on an iPad suddenly worked horribly on the desktop (which has far more power). It makes me wonder if there's something else at play here. I doubt it has a lot to do with the codec. Tough to say, though, without spending time analyzing the desktop player code and running tests, etc.

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The iPad performance difference has to do with StageVideo. In my tests it out performs the FLV format on AIR for the desktop because StageVideo isn't available on AIR for the desktop yet. Which kinda sucks since the performance is so great everywhere else.

The FLV plays just fine on the desktop, the performance difference I was getting at is when you want to seek or fast forward. On the desktop FLV jumps all around and the scrub bar is never accurate. StageVideo allows pixel perfect accuracy with the scrub bar. Smoother experience.


It seems that MP4 with H.264 compression is the winner at the moment.


btw this post was probably meant more for a different forum since the performance testing has nothing really to do with your library :)

I was hoping someone here had some experience similar to mine.


Thanks anyways Jack

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