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pauseAll/resumeAll in loaded swf

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Is there a way to limit the scope of TweenMax.pauseAll() and TweenMax.resumeAll() to each loaded swf.


I have a player main swf that loads and plays other sub swfs. Each sub swf uses pauseAll and resumeAll to control a bunch of TweenLite/TweenMax and TimelineMax tweens. The pauseAll/resumeAll work well and work as expected when the sub swfs play as stand alone. When they are loaded into the player and play within the player, the pauseAll/resumeAll functions would pause/resume all tweens in all loaded sub swfs at the same time. That's because pauseAll/resumeAll are static functions, that's why each call of these functions will globally apply to all loaded sub swfs. Is there a way to limit the affect of pauseAll/resumeAll to each local sub swf only?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I think you should group all tweens/timelines into a main timeline for each swf and pause/resume that timeline.

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