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BinaryDataLoader Save File To Disk and Display on Stage

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Hi there,


Here's what I'm trying to do...


I want to load files from a server into my AIR app. But I want to load them from the server and save the files locally as well as display them.


Currently I'm loading all assets, whether its PNG or JPG or whatever with the BinaryDataLoader (using registerFileType), which I can then save to the disk. After saving them to the disk, I load them once again (from the local location) to display them. But this seems like a waste of time and resources to me.


What I want to do is load the assets from the server once, and then use that loaded file as a byte array to save to the disk and as display content (so I don't have to load them again).


Can anybody give me some advice on how to achieve this or point me in the right direction with some tips?




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I am also interested if anyone has found a solution to this ... it's been driving me crazy -- thank you!

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I'm not an AIR guy, so I'm not quite sure what advice to give you but if anyone else can chime in, that'd be great.

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