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Dave Stewart

Including Loadermax as part of a 3rd-party open source project

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Hey Jack,


I hope the world finds you well.


I'd like to include LoaderMax as the loading mechanism for a small open source micro-framework I'm releasing in the next few weeks.


I already have some rudimentary loading mechanisms that do the job adequately, but it occurred to me that as a lot of your code sets such a nice standard to build off, it might be better, rather than reinventing the wheel, to just use LoaderMax, as more than likely people would want to include this library anyway. No point making people instantiate 2 sets of loaders, directly or indirectly.


So, on a practical level, should I just include the latest greensock classes in the framework, or just direct people to download your files directly?


If you could let me know how to proceed, that would be great.


Cheers for now,


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Sure, go right ahead and either include the public GreenSock files (sans any bonus members-only plugins/classes of course) in your downloads or refer folks to greensock.com to get them. Whatever you prefer is fine. Just be sure to make your end users aware of the fact that usage of the GreenSock tools is subject to the GreenSock "no charge" license agreement located at http://www.greensock.com/terms_of_use.html. Otherwise they might get the impression that they're fully "open source" as a part of your framework which they're not. Of course they're free for almost all types of usage, but there is a small subset of use cases that requires a special commercial license that comes with Corporate Club GreenSock memberships. And please leave the GreenSock files untouched (copyright notices, etc. therein). It is typically a good idea to strongly encourage your end users to get the latest files from greensock.com because we try to be pretty active with updates, enhancements, fixes, etc.


Sound fair?


If you're charging end users for your product/code that leverages GreenSock tools, make sure you get a corporate membership so that you're all set up with the necessary commercial license. But it sounds like you're giving your stuff away which is great and it wouldn't need a commercial license in that case.


And by the way, I think it's great that you want to use industry standard tools instead of reinventing the wheel. I consider it an honor that you're using GreenSock tools for your project.

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Jack, sounds great, and it is an absolute pleasure :)


I'l let you know when it's up on github.


Cheers for now,


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Great. And if it's on github, make sure you don't allow any forks or edits to the GreenSock files. Cheers!

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