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How to use loadermax to load all image in the folder without xml

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I'm totally newbie with loadermax.


I saw many tutorial use only xml to the file name or use the array.

But if I want to use loadermax to load all image in the folder

How can I do?


Please explain with some example codes will be appreciated.

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Hi, LoaderMax and more specifically Flash, can't read file names from a folder.

The best route to solve this problem is to use a server-side script to read the directory contents and create a list of file names that can be loaded in as a text file.


Something like this:



Also I'm sure if you google "flash get filenames from folder" you will find some pretty informative posts like this:



if you can get an array of filenames into flash, LoaderMax's parse() method will be able to create the proper loaders and start loading the assets.

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