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I havea main file that loads various external elements, defined by an xml,as swf, images and sounds.


Through the xml ,I define the sequence and properties of tween. It turns out that at certain times the total size (external xml + files) is very heavy (more than 4mb).


is there any way to make a buffering, loading the beginning of the sequence and then loading the rest?


XML example:

<item type='swf' instance='ilu001-plano_1_mc' tween_visible='1' duration='.1' />

<item type='swf' instance='ilu001_plano_1_livro' tween_visible='1' duration='.1' />

<item type='mp3' target='Loc0065.mp3' estimateBytes='102400' instance='LOC0065' pers='Julia' pers_action='FALAR' />

<!-- TEXT --> <item type='swf' instance='legenda_mc' duration='0.1' tween_textIndc='18' />

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sure, you can define a variety of loader types in your xml and load them at your choosing.


the best thing to do in the xml is create one LoaderMax that has all of the loaders you want to load immediately and set that LoaderMax's load attribute to true.


you can set load = false for all the other assets and then load them when you want.


I really don't know how to recommend that you change your xml, but I would suggest reading the docs: http://www.greensock.com/as/docs/tween/com/greensock/loading/XMLLoader.html

and trying to replicate the formatting of the examples in regards to nesting loaders inside LoaderMaxes.

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