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MP3Loader and imported MP3 files

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Hey There,


i wonder if there is any way to use the MP3Loader Methods with Mp3 files that are imported in the

.flas library.


The admin wants a single .swf rather than over a hundret files.

its such a shame, because it realy works well.


i tried to, but it didnt work. maybe im doing it wrong, or maybe its just not meant to be.


It would be very nice if you could help me out.

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MP3Loader is for loading assets external to the swf. Keeping the mp3s external is usually the best thing for the developer and end-user.


If your mp3s are really big it will effect compile time and download time.


If you absolutely have to embed the mp3s, look into the GreenSock SelfLoader which allows a swf to monitor its own loading.



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yeah i know, thanks for your reply.


the loadiing itself isnt the problem,


its about the onprogress Event, duration, time, progress propertys witch i use in the program to monitor and dispatch certain actions. Working with these functions is very intuitive and practical.


if i know have to embed everything i somehow have to rewrite all the functions.

is there an equivalent to these very features, somehow, somewhere?



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This is what works for me.

Define Loaders in xml. Set autoPlay to false so we don't hear them play as soon as they are loaded


?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<LoaderMax name="sampleQueue" load="true">
  <MP3Loader  url="H_Drums_AirVentOpen.mp3" name="H_Drums_AirVentOpen" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_Drums_FuelCapOpen.mp3" name="H_Drums_FuelCapOpen" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_Drums_HandbrakeOn.mp3" name="H_Drums_HandbrakeOn" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_Drums_hi-hat.mp3" name="H_Drums_hi-hat" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_Drums_kickdrum.mp3" name="H_Drums_kickdrum" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_Drums_snare.mp3" name="H_Drums_snare" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_Drums_Tap.mp3" name="H_Drums_Tap" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_01.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_01" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_02.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_02" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_03.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_03" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_04.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_04" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_05.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_05" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_06.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_06" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_07.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_07" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_08.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_08" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_09.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_09" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_10.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_10" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_11.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_11" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_12.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_12" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_13.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_13" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_14.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_14" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_15.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_15" autoPlay="false"/>
  <MP3Loader  url="H_ClassicBass_16.mp3" name="H_ClassicBass_16" autoPlay="false"/>




Load the XML with the MP3 loaders defined. I'm Using a couble of inner functions to keep tabs on progress, errrors etc



  public function loadStuff() : void {
  // only necessary once - allows XMLLoader to recognize MP3Loader's in the XML
  try {
loader = new XMLLoader(_cs_samplesPath + "samples.xml", {prependURLs:_cs_samplesPath, onProgress:sampleLoadProgressHandler, onComplete:sampleLoadCompleteHandler, onError:sampleLoadErrorHandler, estimatedBytes:50000});
  } catch(error : Error) {
trace("Load Stuff has ");
  function sampleLoadProgressHandler(event : LoaderEvent) : void {
// trace("progress: " + event.target.progress);
  function sampleLoadErrorHandler(event : LoaderEvent) : void {
trace("error occured with " + event.target + ": " + event.text);
  function sampleLoadCompleteHandler(event : LoaderEvent) : void {




Once they are loaded I use their names from the XML and the content of the MP3Loader to do what I need


  private function createSamples() : void {
  var sampleXML : XML = loader.content;
  var sampleloaders : XMLList = sampleXML.child("LoaderMax").child("MP3Loader");
  for (var i : int = 0; i < sampleloaders.length(); i++) {
var sampleName : String = sampleloaders[i].@name;
var voiceSound : Sound = LoaderMax.getContent(sampleName);
var newPCMVoice : SiONVoice = new SiONVoice();
samplerVoicesNames.push(String(i) + "-" + sampleName);

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thank you for your reply.

i will check out if this is what i was looking for, tomorrow!

i don't have time today.

thanks a lot.




Are all these mp3s located inside your swf?

this is important

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Hi Jobbies,


I was interested to understand your code and have a question.

What is the prependURLs:_cs_samplesPath .?

Is that (_cs_samplePath) just that a example path location to where your mp3 files are located?

I was trying your code in my project and got errors, that the following properties are undefined

For example: say my mp3 files are located in 2 sub folders so my location is prependURLs:folder1/folder2


Not sure how I should resolve this.


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