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Append a reverse()?

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Is there a way to have reverse appended to the timeline? I'm trying to make a typewriter effect, so when the letters are typed out, it'll reverse it, and type a new sentence.


Kind of like you're backspacing the sentence.

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I don't know that I follow what you are trying to achieve exactly. But to answer your question as directly as possible: Yes, you can append a reverse() to a timeline:


var tl:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite();
tl.append( TweenLite.to( mc, 1, {x:100}) );
tl.append( TweenLite.to( mc, 1, {y:100}) );
tl.append( TweenLite.delayedCall( 0, tl.reverse) );


If you really want to display a series of sentences being typed and erased I would suggest that each sentence animation is contained in a TimelineMax that has {repeat:1, yoyo:true} in its constructor.


you would then nest each sentence timeline in a parent timeline and all the sentences would play in succession.

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