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Instances created via getClass ignore keyframe actionscript

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I have a swf file containing a simple symbol with keyframed states. Each state has a stop() at the end of its frames. When I load the swf using SWFLoader, get the class, create an instance of it, and add it as a child, the playhead continues - seemingly ignoring all actionscript. Traces put on these keyframes do not fire. I can, of course, manually call goToAndStop() on the class in question but the bug still happens when I resume playing from any one of the states.


(Sample uses FlashDevelop, but I can simplify this further if needed)




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hmm. I really am not an expert in this arena nor have I had this problem. I would recommend searching in the direction of LoaderContext and ApplicationDomain. And this guy seems to have a similar issue:



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