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Plugins working on Local Machine, but not Server

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I am having an issue with the plugins not loading once I have loaded the .swf and the com files to my server. It works fine on a local machine however. I am at a loss with several tweaks and adjustments ranging from how the swf can access files (local and network) to defining class paths. It is built in as2 and published @ flash player 10. Any Ideas? Thanks!

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Sorry you are having trouble.

Once your swf is created it will run anywhere and doesn't need access to the com folder.


Your com folder and action script classes do NOT need to be uploaded to your server .


All the action script gets compiled into the swf.


The most likely culprit is that your browser is using an older cached version of your swf.


Try emptying your cache and double checking that the most recent swf is being viewed.





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Hmm... So I cleared the Cache and to no avail, nothing. I have a new link with "debugging" buttons on the bottom. It will only play the opening animation tweens, none of other game pages are working. Is there something that could be crashing the scripts?



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I really don't know. I was able to click through all 5 buttons at:



i don't know what to expect so its very difficult to really offer any decent advice:(


what specifically do you mean by "plugins not working"?


are you loading external assets (images, swfs, mp3s) into your app? are you sure they are all on your server and are being loaded correctly.


unfortunately there isn't anything obvious that I can point to as swfs that run locally usually run fine on a server.

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I appricate your help! I'll keep mashing buttons and see what I can figure out!

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