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Trace just the filename of a file that didn't get loaded (either because it doesn't exist or some other reason)?

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This is probably stupid, and I'm probably overlooking something, but I'm curious to know if there's a "clean" way to spit back the name of a file that fails to load (for whatever reason, be it nonexistence [for SWFs] or malformedness for XML or whatever).


I know if I trace out evt.target while listening for errors, I get something like:


XMLLoader 'xmldata' (_mymodule.xml)


But I'm wondering if there's an easy way to just get




without having to resort to substr or regexp. That's my plan if there isn't a simple way to do it, but there must be a simpler way than that, right? :) Thanks!

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yeah, try:


trace( evt.target.url )
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you're welcome. I love the quick questions! nothing stupid about it.

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