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Loader Max causes a jumpy TweenMax transitions?

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I developed a TimeLine Max sequence with TweenMax transitions as an external SWF with intention to implement it in my larger flash site. Everything runs beautifully and smooth as long as I preview it directly.

You can view its flauless performance at: http://www.888acolyt...CollageF1A.html

Attached file name is "appimgCollageF1ATEST.fla.zip"


However, as soon as I put it into my larger website via LoaderMax everything becomes jumpy. As if transition waits a little and then choppy jumps to its final state.

Please view how it performs at: http://www.888acolyt...B_AppsTEST.html


Attached file name is "acolyte32B_AppsTEST.fla.zip"



Can it be that loader Max causes a problem or there is something else?

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i couldn't see anything at your second link. I can say with great certainty that LoaderMax doesn't do anything that is going to cause performance to suffer. It very well could be something in your "larger site", or simply that Flash is trying to do too many things at once.


is this behavior viewable in a web browser or only when you using Flash. When testing from Flash the garbage collector usually runs after a second or so which is known to cause hiccups in animation. nothing your can do to control that. should be fine in a browser.

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please try to open the second link in firefox, somehow it works there,

my zipped files proved to be fine, no errors there?

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yup it opened in ff. from just looking at that example. the best thing you can do is systematically start removing effects from the main movie and see when/if the performance issue goes away.


perhaps start with the giant blurred shape tween movieclip that can be incredibly processor intensive.

when testing your files they didn't seem to have the same amount of images in them as the online preview. hard to tell what is happening as it doesn't look the same.

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I would like to keep this giant blurred tween.

If I were to rework it as TweenMax TimeLine animation will I still have performance issues as a full screen shape will have to be rendered on the full screen. Or issue lies in the fact that it is a SHAPE tween.

Is it a rule not to have full screen continuous looping animation set as a background?

Or they are better done as an imported low res flv file?

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Filters on large objects are very processor intensive.


Shape tweens vary by complexity.


Run a few tests and see what happens


Remove the blur


Remove the shape tween



Does the animation problem persist?

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