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I'm using LinePath2D for an animation sequence. The path extends beyond the frame and so on 'progress:1' the elements go out of the frame. I want this animation to loop and so need to take the elements back to 'progrss:0' position. But while going back I want the elemnets to be invisible. I've used 'visible:false' and also 'alpha:0'. But the elements are still visible when they animate back to 'progress:0' position.


What should I do to make them invisible during their transit to the starting position of the path?


Thanks in advance,


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if you store all of your elements that are on your path in an array, you can just do a TweenMax.allTo on them.


if you rip the code directly out of the LinePath2D docs you can just add

TweenMax.allTo(boxes, 0, {alpha:0});


if you do not have an array of all the elements on the path, there is a round about approach.

each path has a followers property. followers is an array of PathFollowers. each PathFollower has a target (the display object that is moving along the path).


so you could loop through your path's follwers array and place each PathFollower's target into an array sort of like:


// custom code to target all of the PathFollwers
//create an array to store all of the PathFollower Targets:

var arrayOfPathFollowerTargets:Array = [];

//loop through the path.followers (an array of PathFollowers);
//each PathFollower has a target
//push each target into the array created above

for (var f:int = 0; f < path.followers.length; f++)
arrayOfPathFollowerTargets.push( path.followers[f].target);
//tween all of the path follower targets;
TweenMax.allTo(arrayOfPathFollowerTargets, 1, {rotation:360, repeat:-1, yoyo:true


but it is much easier if you just create an array of your objects prior to having them controlled by a LinePath2D

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Thanks so much!

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