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What is a smart way to handle visibility of holderMC in container?:

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It was suggested to me that it is better to use a holder mc in the container rather than container:this


SWF I am importing has a transparent background so I would like my holderMC to have a transparent background as well. But if I do this then I can not see on the screen and loose it in the layout for a future modification.

I can not do it through code as it will affect the loading SWF.

What is the smart way to still visually have it present on the stage in the Flash layout, yet be invisible when the movie renders.

Is the only way would be to position it off the stage and manipulate the position of the loading SWF with x and y?


var loader_appLoader:SWFLoader;

if (loader_appLoader){

loader_appLoader = new SWFLoader("loadingAssets/appimgCollageF.swf",
	  container:holderMC_applications,// more convinient and easier to manage if to place the LoaderMax into an empty mc (holderMovieClip)
			  // if not will work as well. Then the line container:holderMovieClip, has to be replaced with container:this,
			  // can be any size, can not be scaled as it distorts the content

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when you application starts do:


holderMC_applications.visible = false;


inside of completeHandler_application() do


holderMC_applications.visible = true;

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It did not work out. I still see the green rectangular shape of the


May be it is not a reasonable request, but I figured that in months when I come back to look through what I have done on the site I might not remember I have used "holderMC_applications"

If I have it present on the screen it allows me to know that it is there, plus if I have registration set to center I can just drag it on screen for the position.




I am a novice and expect that my way if thinking what are useful and simple things is quite far away from what they really are. So if the method I seek to implement is not what people do please let me know.

What are expected workarounds on this or there is none, other people just make it invisible and live with it?

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turn the green shape into a movie clip INSIDE of holderMC_applications.

give it the instance name "bg"


your code would then be:


holderMC_applications.bg.visible = false;


and forget about setting the visible back to true, i must have misunderstood your question.

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