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Ignoring actionscript in loaded swfs

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I have problem with ignoring actionscript in loaded swf through LoaderMax. I have multiple swf files and each have movieclips prepared in library, from which I am pulling new instances by SWFLoader.getClass into mother scene. Everything goes ok when I am loading up to 2 swfs on init load, when I load more, it starts ignoring actionscript (stop()s) in pulled movieclips! Moreover it is really on random, after one export, it depends on refresh of browser .. onetime mcs are stopped, after another refresh they arent are scene is messed up..


Testing locally. SWFs are exported from CS5, main scene is compiled from scripts in Flash Builder..



It is occuring only in mac safari. In chrome and firefox it seems there isnt this problem.




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I've never heard of anything like that, and I can't imagine it would be caused by any of the LoaderMax tools but feel free to post a sample set of files that clearly demonstrate the issue. My guess is that there's either something else going on in your file(s) that's causing the problem, or it's a bug in the actual Flash Player. Tough to diagnose blind, though :)

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