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Possible to save data in a Loader/LoaderEvent?

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So basically I have a SWFLoader loading a swf. When the swf is done, I want to receive a LoaderEvent to my onComplete function that contains a string that I've defined in its data. Is this possible?


Or is it possible to store a string somewhere inside the SWFLoader itself? I tried making a custom property in the vars object when instancing the SWFLoader, but it seems that custom properties understandably get ignored and always show as undefined. I could extend the functionality myself, but I was just wondering if im overlooking something that already exists.



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good question. the custom data is stored in the vars of the target of the event.


consider the following:


var swf:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("someswf.swf", {hasselhoff:"david", onComplete:completeHandler, container:this});

function completeHandler( e:LoaderEvent ):void{
trace("complete ");
trace(e.target.vars.hasselhoff); //output david

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Ah ok. Turns out I was doing it correctly, except the value I was putting into the vars object was undefined, so it only looked like it wasn't working.



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