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Create CirclePath2D *From* an Object's Position

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Hello everybody ::- ).


I have a board with many well organized objects on it. I would like to create an animation where they all start circling at various speeds. But the problem is that I want them to start on their circle paths from their current locations, swirling around the center of the screen. Any idea how I could do this?


I guess I could use Pythagora's theorem to find out the radius of the Circle, but I'm unsure how I could find out the progress of the Object onto its Circle Path, so that I only start the animation from that point. Otherwise, when I add it to the Path, it'll lose its original position and I don't want that.

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Sure, if you figure out the angle (and it sounds like you know how), you can simply use the CirclePath2D's angleToProgress() method to translate that angle to a progress value. See the ASDocs for more details, but it should be relatively straightforward.

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Hm, I thought about using that method. So you think this approach should work, right? I mean, what I'm trying to do is not impossible.

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Sure, seems very doable (if I'm understanding your goal properly)

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